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Successful Networking 2019 Smart Watch Competition.

We can now confirm that the draw will happen on Friday 2nd August between 7pm and 8pm at Astrolabe Brew Bar Mount Maunganui. This is part of our Mid year gathering for all members and their partners.

Our intention is to create a competition that anybody can participate in and win. The winner will be drawn randomly from all eligible entries and the winner is not necessarily the member with the highest number of tickets. You can have 1 ticket and still win. It is our way of thanking our members and promoting Successful Networking, so that the businesses in each group can feel supported. Having more people attend our social group gatherings is one way we see of having a wider base for your business and in getting to know all businesses that are part of the Successful Networking groups.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The prize is a Samsung Android Smart Watch, Model No SM-R810 in Midnight Black. The prize cannot be exchanged for any other considerations or variances.
  2. Successful Networking reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions if we feel changes are warranted.
  3. The member by agreeing to enter this competition will abide by the terms and conditions and that the final decision is at the discretion of the owners of Successful Networking.
  4. All entries are on the condition that the winner is a current financial member 2 days prior to the draw cut-off date of 26/07/2019.
  5. The holder/owner of the winning ticket MUST be present at the draw. No substitutes will be allowed. The holder/owner of the tickets is deemed to be the person that attends the meetings on a regular basis.
  6. The draw will be made at a time specified by the owners of Successful Networking. It is our intention to hold the draw at our midyear gathering to be held at a place and time designated by us.
  7. One (1) entry will be allocated to each person who meets each category that exists in the points that are collated at each weekly meeting. i.e. 1 ticket will be awarded for a guest, 1 ticket will be awarded for an external referral, 1 ticket will be awarded for a selfie, 1 ticket will be awarded for a Facebook like, 1 ticket for a dance and 1 ticket will be awarded for attending the meeting.
  8. The winner will be the person whose ticket/name is drawn out on the night and is personally in attendance at the time of the draw. If that person is not in attendance and their ticket is drawn a redraw will occur until a winner is found who is in attendance.
  9. If we have a new member who joins in the previous 30 days to the draw cut-off date, we will award them 5 entry tickets into the competition. They will of course need to be a financial member 2 days prior to the draw cut-off date of 26/07/2019.
  10. The competition runs from 3/04/2019 to 26/07/2019