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Database Creation, Management and Maintenance

Our history...

DataBase World has evolved over 15 years with a raft of business experience to support small and large businesses in the management and maintenance of their crucial database resource. Your database should be at the forefront of how you communicate with your customers, current and future.

Database World was born out of supporting Relate Communications to achieve their goal of lead generation for its customers. Relate Communications is a lead generation company that has extensive experience in the B2B Telemarketing field and covers a wide range of industry types.

DataBase World covers a wide range of services aimed mainly at the New Zealand and Australian B2B marketplace. Do some of these questions below sound like your business? This is some of what we hear when dealing with our clients and why they use our services.

We want new customers, but we don't know where will they come from?

We do not know where some of our customers are and how to contact them?

We need to focus on our target market and define it better.

It all seems too hard, and I do not have the time?

At Database World we can assist you to answer some of these questions and support your business to further your growth. We can clean your current database, so it is updated and relevant. We can supply you a list of new potential customers so they can be contacted. Even having a list where jOE bLOGgs name is correct. This data can be the difference between a good return and a great return.

Would you buy a business if the database of customers was not sold with it? This database is paramount to your business and its success. Intangible maybe but try doing business without it.

We know that having an up-to-date database is crucial to retaining customers, especially these days. People move, change jobs, change numbers, change emails, close up the business. How do you keep track of this? You may have a database of 2000 contacts but how many are current? After 3 years possibly 30% are now redundant or have had some change in circumstances so are no longer a viable contact, that's 600 contacts that you as a business owner does not know what is happening with them. All it does is make your database look good from a distance. It does not help your bottom line.

How do I replace them?

Well, for starters having a database of potential clients can make this deficit less likely to have a negative outcome on your business and to drive new clients. Having new customers does take time and effort and we see time and time again people suddenly realising that they need NEW customers. Having a solid database of potential clients to work from can definitely make this job easier and will assist in making the task time efficient and user friendly. This can be worked on either inhouse, or you can get somebody else to do this externally. We can help you to do this if you wish to outsource that part as well.

Talk to Lawrence about your requirements and what we can offer to support you through your business journey.