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Relate Coaching

Denise became a coach because she is someone who is committed to making a difference with and for people when they are committed to making that difference for themselves, their families, their communities.

She became a coach because of the difference other coaches have made for her in her journey through life. 

We all have had times when we require someone else to listen and create with us so that we are able to get clarity, So that we can see what can not be seen without that someone (coaches) turning on the light or supporting us turn that light on for ourself.


Coaching Services

I take an holistic approach when coaching. I believe we, as human beings, are not one dimensional so therefore I like to consider the mind, body and spirit of who a person is when working with my client.

The following methods are some services I offer:

  • Individual face to face coaching
  • Individual phone / video coaching
  • Individual email coaching
  • Group workshops
  • Role-plays and scenarios, either individual or group work
  • Creating and clearing calls
  • External Professional Supervision