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Many business owners admit that they originally purchased their businesses as a means of buying themselves a job and whilst this has provided them with job security, it very often falls short of fulfilling their dream to build a valuable asset that will provide them with a great income, irrespective of how much time they want to work in their business and thus, live a more work/life balanced lifestyle. Having worked in a multitude of businesses ranging from small to very large, I have personally experienced the challenges of both, working IN the business and working ON the business. I like to think of myself as a business renovator that helps businesses overcome the challenges that are preventing them from achieving their full potential. Every business owner often has awesome entrepreneurial ideas that they struggle to execute due to their busyness of working in their business – as a business renovator, I help business owners build a solid foundation to implement their ideas for continued growth and success. Through Oxygen8’s mature and proven Business Success Programme, combined with my 40+ years of practical business experience from Apprentice through to Managing Director roles, I help business owners define their business strategy and the roadmap on how to get there. I then work with the owner and their staff to ensure the business strategy is being accomplished. In summary, I am very passionate about helping business owners achieve their personal vision for their business and helping all their staff to clearly understand and be accountable for their allocated roles in the business whilst they are all travelling on the same bus that is headed for optimal prosperity of the business and everyone’s personal fulfilment. During my personal time, I like to play golf, socialise with my family and friends, and explore more of New Zealand’s awesome Eden.


Below is a link to a recent Tauranga Chamber of Commerce Linkedin post that will give you more information about Chris

Chris is always happy to discuss any questios that you may have, give him a call or just email him.