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Mate with a Trailer

Karl and Mel Wards founded the company, Mate With A Trailer Ltd in early March 2016.  At the time, we were already small business owners building a client base in our community business.  We were busy brain storming ideas that would help give us more opportunity to reach the people in our Community.  

One Saturday afternoon at a café in Tauranga we glanced down a line of about 60 vehicles and we noticed vehicles were getting smaller and fewer of them had tow bars today and only 3 out of the 60 we were looking at actually had a towbar.  We said to each other we have a trailer in the garage that just sits there most of the time doing nothing. This was when we gave birth to the idea of Mate With A Trailer.

Mate with a Trailer now offers you the oppurtunity to be part of this concept and we have Franchise opportunities available. Contact Karl to discuss this.

And if you need something moved in the Tauranga area give our franchise owner a call or ask for a quote through our website.