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Terms & Conditions


Only one industry per group, (New guests, please contact us first before attending the group). 

Members must only advertise their primary business, not part time business, (Unless agreed in writing or email with management ).

Memberships my be shared within a company, and belong to or the person or company who purchased it, (Can be transferred to a now employee, should the member leave that employment at the discretion of the Successful networking group manager).

Members wishing to transfer to another Successful networking group, must have prior approval in writing or email from one of the Successful networking management team.

Always maintain a professional standard when representing yourself or you company, (And always respect others in the group).

Always follow up leads as soon as possible and report back to the referrer.

Always provide quality of service, at the prices you have quoted.

All members will indemnify the Company against any liability etc for any statements or actions the member may make or take that result in liability for the Company. All members must have, and are responsible for up to date liability, Professional indemnity , fire and generals insurances for their businesses. Successful networking does not endorse the capabilities or professional expertise of any of its members. Nor does not take any responsibility for disputes between members, and does not accept any liability to any party for any dispute a member may have with another member.

No more than one absence per month, or six meetings in any six monthly period between January 1st and July 31st, or each year. Again no more than 6 absences beween July 1st and December 31st of Each year. (exceptions can me made in regards to illness, family issues etc. If discussed with group manager initially). We do not Count absences over the annual holiday between 23rd December and 31st January each year. If  member can arrange a person to stand in as a substitute,  then this will not count as an absence.

Guests ad substites must not clash with another members industry, please check with your group manager before inviting your substitute or Guest.

Our members page is for the business of giving out referrals, and must not be used for soliciting via email, direct mail or other means, (Unless agreed to by the other member and your group manager first).

Memberships are for a 12 month period, from date of payment received. Memberships are reviewed annually, and may be renewed at the discretion of the group manager.

Existing members and guests may visit other groups for up to 4 sessions as long as they do not clash witu another members industry in the other group, (Please check with the group manager before attending).

Should a member fail to comply with the above terms. A membership may be revoked without refund, with one days written notice. Should a member fail to comply with the above terms.

Members incuding previous members  or guests may not use the Successful networking brand name or logo to manufacture, distribute, sell, market, or promote any product or service. Without obtaining the prior written consent from Barnaby Tizzard, (Owner/ manger).